Friday, August 31, 2012


Life raising three little ones is...chaotic, stressful, loud, overwhelming and sometimes so incredibly hard. is so rewarding to watch them learn and grow. I am so blessed to be called their mother. All 4 of my children are blessings and I am eternally grateful to live in this chaos and raise these 3 miracles. God is so good!

A snapshot of today's chaos. Yes, this is my living room.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Works

Be sure and check out my very first post.

I'm so excited to be starting back up a blog.  I've been trying so hard to chronicle this fast-paced time in our lives. I apologize in advance if some of my posts are "boring".  Their my memories that I will print out one day.

I have several posts in the works  so today I give you a photo dump.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Welcome to With Hope, The Hadley’s!

I’m glad you’ve come by to visit.  I hope you’ll stick around and tag along as I blog about our day to day life, homeschooling, raising micropreemies and all the other randomness I may throw out here. 

I'm Karmen.  I'm married to my sweetheart.  I'm a mother to a 4.  3 here on Earth and 1 waiting for me in Heaven.  I had triplets all on different days.  {That time was (and honestly it still is) one of the hardest times in my life.  I hope to write about it one day, in due time.}  I'm addicted to Army Wives and I love Mt. Dew.  I am a follower of Christ, a homeschooling Momma, lover of all things crafty, Pinterest junkie and a little bit OCD.  I'm sure we could all find something in common. 

There are a few reasons I decided to rejoin the blog world.  (Yes, I’ve done this before; and honestly I wasn’t very good at it.)  I want an easy way to document this time in our lives.  I don't have time to sit down and scrapbook anymore.  These times are precious to me and I want to always remember them.  Also, I want to connect with other moms.  I’ve found myself staying home a lot more these days because packing up 3 kiddos (2 of which are preemies {if you can still call them that at 8 months}) isn’t actually very easy.  I, like I’m sure a lot of you, need adult interaction throughout the day.  (I’m on Twitter and @karmenhadley on Instagram.)  And my main reason…I have a story to tell.  (We all do.)  I want to share our story to encourage someone or give someone walking the same road I did some hope.  So add me to your feed and tag along as I tell my story.