Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Hero :: Hew's Birth Story

To preface....Hew's sac ruptured a year ago yesterday. We had hope that he would hang on until 24 weeks. Again, God had other plans.

After Hew's sac had ruptured, things were still going fairly smoothly (as smoothly as they could go). But somewhere over the course of the evening those phantom contractions started again. And then I was in full blown back labor. I was given some pain medicine to help me rest through the night.  It didn't help very much.

When morning came, I was 23 weeks 5 days. 24 weeks was the magic number.  The contractions were still going strong. They administered the first steroid injection to help their lungs. My doctor came down and checked me. Hew was going to be born that day. We knew all the statistics. He wasn't considered "viable". He had a small percentage of "making it" and even then it wouldn't come without huge hurdles. This was to be a similar situation as Hazel's. We were prepared for that.  BUT!!! God had filled us with such a peace. I wasn't hysterical like I was with Hazel. There was such a peace in the room.  It was something I couldn't explain. 

Hew's labor was the worst of the 4 births. (Did I mention that all 3 babies were born sans pain meds?).  He wasn't in the correct position.  It was horrible.

Hew was born and was immediately examined by the neonatologist. He was bruised badly and so much was unknown because of his extreme prematurity.  Soon after, the doctor came over and said that he thought Hew might benefit from going to the NICU.  We were shocked!  God filled us with peace for this very reason.

Hew's NICU journey wasn't with out bumps but he's a fighter and God saw him through.  Today he is a growing, thriving little boy.  Always happy.  We always say he's just happy to be alive.  We are just in love with him.  God has big plans for his life and we know he will do big things one day.

Happy Birthday baby boy!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


  1. Hew is such a precious little boy. Love the picture...Adorable!! "Happy 1st Birthday"

  2. Hew You've come along way Baby. I love you so much. You make my Heart Happy. Happy Birthday Sweet Hew Man.

  3. Happy birthday Whoby! We love you so much!!!

    Chickie, Zach and Amelia

  4. Happy birthday Hew! I hope y'all had a great day celebrating him! Way to persevere mama!!