Thursday, July 25, 2013

Commenting Challenge Day 4

Y'all, the past 24 hours have been super busy. I didn't even have a chance to write a proper post for today. I'm typing this from my iPhone and praying the babies stay asleep for just a few more seconds. 

Today's topic is Christmas in July. Y'all, I added my Christmas list app (It's called Better Christmas List) back to my phone a week or so ago and I honestly have no idea what to get any one. I struggle with gift giving. I want to get everyone something they want or need but the budget doesn't always allow for that. What are some of your suggestions for kids and grandparents? Ava will be 7 and the babies will be 2. 

I promise to try and get on tonight and leave some comments for Jenna's Challenge. Hopefully I will have a few minutes. :) 

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  1. stopping by from Jenna's...

    I'm going to have to check that app out! Thanks :)