Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A case of the sickies

Whew! What a hectic few days! 

Friday night the babies stayed with Nonna and Granddaddy (Matt's parents) so we could take Ava on a little date to the carnival. When we woke up Saturday morning there was a puddle in the kitchen floor. Our fridge went out and all of the ice melted. Luckily, we have my grandmothers fridge in our basement. We usually use it to hold extra can drinks and waters. We were able to move everything from upstairs down to that fridge. Hopefully someone can come today to fix it. 

The babies came home Saturday afternoon and poor Hew started running a fever. 103. Bless his little heart. He can't catch a break. We skipped church Sunday since he still had a fever and a runny nose and just rested. I ended up taking Hew to the doctor yesterday morning and its just a virus. So far today he acts like he feels better. I'm hoping he's over it and I'm praying so hard that no one else get it. 

How was your weekend? Help me live vicariously through you. 


  1. Busy! I am so far from rested, but it was fun too. We helped friends of ours with thier yard spreading dirt, celebrated my dads birthday, went to church, (no nursery as the youth group is on a mission trip so Z was in church the WHOLE time), went to J's baseball game, met a friend for coffee and did a little grocery shopping. Whew! see, not restful! :)

  2. pretty lazy around our house. RV Road Trip planning and some Back to School shopping. Hope he feels better soon and that everyone else stays healthy!