Friday, July 26, 2013

Commenting Challenge Day 5

I'm linking up with Jenna for her last day of the commenting challenge. 

Today's topic is FOOD, one of my very favorite subjects.  I wanted to share one of my very favorite meals.

picture from link below
We have this little chain of restaurants nearby called Surin.  I have been several times and I always get the same thing.  It is by far the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.  It is called Nam Tok Beef.  (If you follow the link it talks about the dish.)  We always go to Surin when it's date night because it is kind of pricey.  But it is totally worth the splurge.

What are some of your favorite meals?


  1. Sounds yummy! I'm always wondering what things look like when I read them on a menu and this I know I have read!